This wonderful quote from Socrates expresses the foundation for my book: The Memoirs of Socrates. Socrates spent his entire life learning and encouraging others to think for themselves.

My work must be classified as “fiction” solely because, unfortunately, Socrates did not leave behind his own memoirs and writings. However, this book is filled with historical fact and what I have come to believe was the rational vision of human nature as held by the man called Socrates.

The Memoirs of Socrates is written in the voice of Socrates. As Socrates awaits execution for the false charge of impiety, he spends the last twenty-five days of his life chained to the wall of a prison carved out of a cave in Athens. His dearest friend Crito provides him with scribes who document Socrates’ final thoughts and beliefs as he leaves us his legacy.

At times, he is witty. At times, he is serious. At times, he is very personal.

Socrates speaks about the rise of Athens, the Golden Age of Pericles. He speaks also of the decline of Athens in its post-modern era. He describes the factors leading to this decline – moral, political, educational.

As he discusses this, one may notice certain parallels between post-modern Athens and the evolution into the post-modern era of now twenty-first century America.

The Memoirs paints an accurate picture of the history of Athens and of its Sophists. I believe it is the most truthful historical fiction account of Socrates possible without the actual manuscripts from the Master, himself.